National Slavery Bill

It’s that time of year again when a politician’s fancy turns to thoughts of having a strapping young person forced to do his will. No it’s not another prostitution scandal. If only it were that innocent. Then politicians would only be trying to fuck two people. No, a National Service Slavery Bill has been proposed. I call it a National Slavery Bill because what the bill proposes is that people between 18 and 26 should be forced under threat of prosecution to work at a job the government tells them to do and I refuse to endorse the euphemistic title of this bill. The bill is based on the idea that it is legitimate to use the threat of force to get people to do stuff for you, which is no different in principle than chattel slavery. If a person isn’t free to act on his own judgement that makes him and everyone around him worse off since he can’t tell them to take a hike when they’re doing something wrong. Nor can he do stuff he thinks is right if his owner, i.e. – the British government according to this bill, disagrees with what he wants to do.

So to MP Philip Hollobone who proposed this I say fuck you. Anyone who votes for this bill or seconds it: fuck you too. You should all be expelled from your respective parties and from Parliament.

What is more interesting than the bill itself is the lack of disgust and outrage at the bill. It’s all right to force people to do stuff for a good cause. Your life is not your own but belongs to anyone more pathetic than you. Or it belongs to somebody who is somehow more patriotic than you because he is willing to spit on and trample the British idea of individual liberty. I have only seen a handful of blog entries condemning this bill as the evil piece of filth that it is, and that is a scandal.

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My name is Alan Forrester. I am interested in science and philosophy: especially David Deutsch, Ayn Rand, Karl Popper and William Godwin.

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